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Vitamins and minerals for a
general support of claws, legs, skin and reproduction
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Do you have problems like this?

Lameness? Poor healing wounds on shoulder, claws? Weak after weaning?

The solution according to NUVAN:

Boost with extra vitamins and minerals.

The high production puts a high toll on the sow. Maximal results with only a few kilogram of feed. Extra vitamins and minerals can be needed for a good appetite and metabolism.

STAFORTE contains a high concentration of vitamins and minerals for the best result.

Vitamin Hy-D

1.200.000 IE/kg

Vitamin A

200.000 IE/kg

Vitamin E

12.500 mg/kg


48 mg/kg


1.500 mg/kg


125 mg/kg

Coated Zinc Oxide

15.000 mg/kg


2.500 mg/kg

Extra support

Add 4 kg of STAFORTE per tonne of feed at critical moments such as sows around farrowing, after weaning or piglets after weaning.

Keep in mind the legal maximum of certain ingredients.

NUVAN products for every phase:

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