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Pidolate and Hy-D for a high calcium uptake
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Do you have problems like this?

Lamenss in sows, gilts not able to get up. Stiff finishers.

The solution according to NUVAN:

More calcium is not the answer. An improved uptake in the gut is!

Gilts grow extremely fast and need little feed.Gilts and sows produce a lot of pigs and milk. And finishers daily growth is high. Crucial on a well performing farm. It necessitates a well functioning calcium metabolism. Maximum skeleton buildup during growth and availability during lactation. 

Feed contains sufficient calcium, but it has to be absorbed properly in the gut.

DYNACAL D+ stimulates the production of a specific protein (Calcium Binding Protein) inside the gut cells. This is indispensable for the uptake of calcium in the gut.

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vitamin Hy-D

Extra support

DYNACAL D+ is water-soluble and can be given via liquid feed or water dispenser. 

Replacement gilts

Strategic treatment at 4-10-16-22 weeks of age.

Sows and gilts

In the farrowing pen for extra support for sow and piglet, During entire lactation period.

Finishers with stiffness

During 2 weeks, if possible start 1 week before the occurrence of problems

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For pigs

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For poultry

More information

For more information about DYNACAL D+ and how it works, you can download the information brochure.

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