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Curcumin, vitamin E and probiotics for a robust and protected gut
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Do you have problems like this?

Scouring in the farrowing pen? Small piglets at weaning? Poor startup after weaning? 

The solution according to NUVAN:

Stop the inflammation and damaging of the gut with newborn and weanded piglets. 

CUMINEX helps to solve the problem

The gut wall of the newborn and weaned piglet is sensitive for inflammation and damage due to free radicals produced during oxidative stress. Resulting in a favorable situation for bacteria and viruses with diarrhea as a consequence.

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Quadruple action

CUMINEX has a fourfold effect and contains a unique water-soluble curcumin. Easy to use in drinking bowls, cup system or wet feed.

Curcumin: enhances the functioning of the gut by reducing 'leaky gut' and inhibit inflammation 

Vitamin E: to protect the gut wall against free radicals produced during oxidative stress

Probiotics: to improve gutflora

Umami: to ensure a good voluntary intake with all the piglets

How to use?

Newborn piglets

Start immediately at birth (20 grams/100 piglets), for 7 days.

Day 1: 250 ml of water per litter with 12 grams of CUMINEX / liter of water 

Day 2-7: 500 ml of water per litter with 6 grams of CUMINEX / liter of water

CUMINEX can also be given via a cup system or nutrix  in water or milk.

Weaned piglets

Start immediately at weaning (40 grams / 100 piglets), for 7 days.

Can be given via liquid feed. 



For pigs

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For poultry

More information

For more information about CUMINEX and how it works, download the information brochure.

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