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The 2nd generation booster for a
vital newborn piglet
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Do you have a problem like this?

Too much losses on the first day due to piglets that don't suckle.

The solution according to NUVAN:

Extra energy and appetite; a more active piglet within 15 minutes.

Directly after birth the bodytemperature of the piglet drops a lot and very quickly. The piglet becomes hypothermic. To prevent this the piglet needs to drink colostrum, providing heat and energy.


A weak or small piglet has not enough energy to move to the udder and suckle vigorously.


NEOBOOST® is an unique combination of quickly available energy and appetite stimulation. A single 3 ml NEOBOOST® treatment provides sufficient energy and appetite. Within 15 minutes the piglet will start looking for colostrum.


The 2nd generation booster
for the newborn piglet


NUVAN Internatonal B.V. | Neoboost & Orextrol

One single treatment is sufficient.

Umami and glycerin; a unique combination.

Extra appetite simultaneously with a sugar rush;

gives the piglet a feeling of hunger and strength to drink a lot of colostrum.

The tool for good colostrum intake which provides heat and energy.

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What do you want to achieve? Higher colostrum intake!

Weak or small?
Directly after birth NEOBOOST®
Energy & appetite

For more information about NEOBOOST and how it works, you can download the information brochure.

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