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Short duration of farrowing


Do you have problems like this?

Farrowing is taking too long.

The solution according to NUVAN:

Not more calcium but better uptake together with extra energy to prevent an exhausted sow.

Farrowing taking over 6 hours? Sows don't seem to have contractions? It is common on many farms. The startup after farrowing is poor, the number of deadborn high and the lastborn piglets are weaker.

A good feed intake before farrowing is crucial, as well as calcium available for contractions. Increasing calcium level in the feed rarely works. The uptake from the feed needs to be improved. 

PARTUCEL stimulates with the combination of pidolate and Hy-D the uptake of calcium in the gut. The great palatibility and extra energy ensure a high intake and reduce exhaustion. Stronger contractions and rapid farrowing. 

Smooth, rapid farrowing results in a fitter sow, vital piglets and less deadborn.

Umami to support feed intake

Pidolate and Hy-D to improve calcium uptake

Stronger contractions for a rapid and smooth farrowing

Good startup after farrowing

Less deadborn and more vital piglets

Rapid farrowing? Less deadborn piglets?

Give 150 grams of PARTUCEL with each feeding the day before farrowing and on the farrowing day itself. Extra appetite and feed intake for more energy and more calcium for strong contractions.

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