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Gut stabilizer and dry powder
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Do you have a problem like this? 

Piglets keep being wet after birth. Problems with scouring and greasy pigs.

The solution according to NUVAN:

Use highly absorbent powder with probiotic. 

Quickly  drying after birth and promot a good skin- and intestinal- flora.

Give the piglet a good start with probiotics and ensure that the bodytemperature doesn't drop.

Don't let bad bacteria control the microflora and give the piglet a good start with lactic acid bacteria.

Tasty: good intake by the piglet

Moisture absorbing


Combination: NEOBOOST® andOREXTROL®

Ensure a good microflora in the farrowing pen

Start sprinkling in piglet nest and behind sow, during the first 4 days of life. 

Or treat the pigs individually by using CLINENT in a bucket.

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